Home Pattern Making Book Bundle

This is a bundle of vintage books related to patternmaking for clothing. Grab yours now before they’re gone.

Pattern Drafting – Children’s Garment Design, by M. Rohr, 1978
Fundamental Principles of Pattern Making For Misses and Women’s Garments, by Irving E. Curtis
Finally It Fits, by Ruth Amiel and Happy Gerhard, 1974
Pattern Making by the Flat Pattern Method, by Norma R. Hollen, 1975
Children’s Wear Design, by Hilde Jaffe with illustrations by Rosemary Torre, 1974

Sewing, Tailoring, and Construction Book Bundle

This book bundle contains a number of vintage items related to sewing, tailoring, and garment construction. Grab these fast before they’re gone.

A Dictionary of Textile Terms, by Dan River Inc., 1980
Sewing Menswear – Pants, by the Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture
Sewing Menswear – Jackets, by the Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture
Power Sewing – New Ways To Make Fine Clothes Fast, by Sandra Betzina, 1985
Tailoring, by Singer, 1988
Basic Tailoring, by Time Inc, 1974
Textiles, by Norma Hollen and Jane Saddler, 1973
Classic Tailoring Techniques – A Construction Guide for Men’s Wear, by Robert Cabrera and Patricia Flaherty Meyers, 1984
Classic Tailoring Techniques – A Construction Guide for Women’s Wear, by Robert Cabrera and Patricia Flaherty Meyers, 1984

Quadruple Agent

For the aspiring World War II quadruple agent taking copious notes on your every move, we present the Quadruple Agent book bundle.  This bundle features learning material for several languages and includes German vocabulary cards, Italian vocabulary cards, Every Day Japanese, a pocket Russian Dictionary, The New Bantam-Meggido Hebrew and English Dictionary, Kanji and Kana, Hooray for Yiddish, and Russian in Exercises.  Order now and we’ll send in a counter espionage team to deal with your watcher.

Дорога в Душанбе (The Road to Dushanbe)

Perfect for the newly minted GLG20 in your life, this bundle contains three easy to conceal Russian learning aids.  This includes a set of Russian verb flash cards, a pocket sized Universal Russian Dictionary, and Spoken Russian for Students and Travelers.  Order now while supplies last and then go have a Pepsi.

Нелицензионное такси (Unlicensed Taxi)

For the more advanced student of the Russian language, the traveller who’s been in an unlicensed taxi and experienced the selective English of the driver when it comes time to give change, we have the Unlicensed Taxi bundle.  This bundle includes Russian Language by Berlitz, Russian Language by Inlingua, Essentials of Russian Grammar, Russian Stories a Dual Language Book, Beginner’s Russian Reader, and Russian Composition and Conversation.

можно по русски (Russian Please)

можно по русски (Russian Please) is a bundle of Russian language learning books.  These include Roots of the Russian Language, Conversational Russian in 20 Lessons, Russian Dictionary and Phrasebook, 201 Russian Verbs, and Spoke Russian Book One.

Aerospace Engineer Box

Our newest bundle is the “Aerospace Engineer”. This bundle features a Sun Hemmi slide rule, a General Dynamics dial style failure rate calculator, a 1945 Wolf and Phelps Mechanical Vest Pocket Reference Book, Basic Wing and Airfoil Theory, Airplane Performance Stability and Control, Airplane Design, Wind Tunnel Testing, and a General Electric Turbojet Engine Installation Handbook.

Blind Book Bundle

This is perfect for the avid reader who wants to discover a new author, or as a gift for a reader that you’re just not sure what to get. This bundle contains 3-6 books, magazines, or other items of reading material in a given genre. Starting with our personal collection to free up space, initially this bundle will only contain science fiction material. If you have specific requests, please contact us prior to placing an order so that we can determine whether or not we can support your specific ask.

While actual bundles are composed of a mix of different types of reading material, as a rule a bundle made entirely of hardcover books would have three books, a bundle made of paperbacks would have four or five books, and a bundle made of magazines would have six magazines.  Items are used, in good condition, and come from either our personal collection, thrift stores, estate sales, or second hand book stores.

Skywarrior – Douglas A-3 Rollout Photograph Bundle

This bundle of photos has an estimated value of $150 USD.  These are official Navy photographs from 1956 related to the roll out of the Douglas A-3 Skywarrior carrier based strategic bomber aircraft.  These photos feature a carrier landing of the A-3, a number of officials standing in front of an A-3 in a hangar, large numbers of A-3 parts on display, and a large group of people performing the provisional review of the A-3.

All the box, none of the subscription.

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